Show your purchases and win a free order

How does it work

Take a photo / video / reel showing our products, the DIY kit that has been given to you or the ropes that you were so hoping to receive; we love seeing it! Share it with us on social networks, We raffle off a FREE ORDER every quarter!

You can participate in:

  • Your profile instagram:
    • Post the photo / video / reel on your profile (stories are not valid) Your profile has to be public or we will not be able to see it.
    • In the text, detail what materials or kit you have purchased / have been given as a gift
    • Label @macranova in the text and in the photo / video / reel
    • Use the hashtag #UnboxingMacranova.
    • Our profile in Facebook:
      • Write a review of the products you have purchased and attach the photo.

    The more posts you make, the more chances you will have to win!

    Which is the prize

    Every quarter we raffle off a free order valued at fifty€ among all the photos and videos shared during that quarter. The winner can use it on whatever she wants! (The gift is not compatible with other promotions).

    Thanks for participating

    Good luck to all of you and thank you for brightening us up every day with your photos and videos. With this giveaway we want to thank you, in some way, for all those publications you upload, the comments you leave us, the projects you show us... The truth is that it is one of the things that makes us most excited and for the one we are most grateful for.

    We hope you enjoy your order and have a lot of fun creating.

    Winners and date of the next draw

    1st draw: April 30, 2021 / Winner: @eme.entre.nos (Ig account)

    2nd draw: July 31, 2021 / Winner: @_aurarte_ (Ig account)

    3rd draw: October 31, 2021 / Winner: @macrame_deluna (Ig account)

    4th draw: January 31 2022 / Winner: @missmacramary (Ig account)

    5th draw: April 30, 2022 / Winner: @nomada_makrastudio (Ig account)

    6th draw: July 31, 2022 / Winner: @marianvazq (Ig account)

    7th draw: October 31, 2022 / Winner: @oliviamv8 (Ig account)

    8th draw: January 31, 2023 / Winner: @wearegemmas (Ig account)

    9th draw: April 30, 2023 / Winner: @tinna_decor (Ig account)

    10th draw: July 31, 2023 / Winner: @dekorapilo (Ig account)

    11th draw: October 31, 2023 / Winner: @nudhogarcris (Ig account)

    12th draw: January 31, 2024 / Winner: @macrame_nudoanudo (Ig account)

    Next draw: April 30