Recap 2022

Happy new year dear macrameras! ❤️

We dedicate the first post of this year to 2022: a year in which we had many joys and embarked on perhaps too many projects (it almost made us faint))

We wanted to share the milestones of our 2022 with all of you because you are part of this project. And I invite you to also share your achievements or simply reflections. I think it is good to look back and realize everything you have achieved, remembering all the little steps you have taken, and value it and value yourself.e.

Our 2022..

✨ In February our Framosa header was published on the cover of the Modern Macramé magazine from Tricotar en casa Magazine. The photo was starred by our little girl. We are super proud of this design and it looks very nice in our bedroom. The icing on the cake was when do @lotsofknotscanada and @linda.creadoodle They shared it on their accounts, it was very exciting! 🥲

✨ In April we participate in the fair Handmade Festival of Barcelona. We launched with a larger stand and it turned out beautiful! The fairs exhaust us the most and we always say that this is the last one, but you fill us with so much positive energy and we ended up so happy to share talks with you, that we return again and again! 😂

✨ Also in April, we launched FINALLY cutting guides, which have since become one of the absolute bestsellers and a must-have for any macramera.

✨ In May our Maui Hula tapestry was published in issue 14 of the The Sewing Box Mag magazine along with projects from 15 other designers from around the world. 

✨ Also in May, we participated in Oberts BCN Workshops organized by AFAD Associació in collaboration with Barcelona City Council, and we held an open day in our showroom and held several workshops. We always have a great time with you in the workshops. I hope to be able to do more this year because I enjoy it so much!!

✨ Also in May (what a month!!) we designed the table runner kit especially for Casasol. Soon news regarding that kit!

✨ In June we began a collaboration with Yogitea and since then all our DIY kits come with a gift tea box. We are very excited to be able to offer this detail because we are great tea lovers and we love to share that passion with you. ☕

✨ Since June, you can find our kits at My Art Store. Seeing our products there is a dream come true because it is my favorite online craft store and a great inspiration as a company. ❤️

✨ Since August we have extended our hours Barcelona showroom so that you could also come in the afternoons, because you have asked us sooo much! We also started with the offer of free shipping to Spain Balearic Islands and Portugal, apart from Spain Peninsula which already had it.

✨ In October we launched several new kits together with Roses Crafts, and we are very happy to continue with the collaboration that we started a year ago. They are also kits that we have called New Generation because we improved a lot of things compared to the previous ones, from the box to the tutorials. A completely new look!

✨ Also in October, new warehouse expansion!

✨ In November we participated in the Creative Fair in Barcelona, ​​a very important event for me on a personal level since it was there where I discovered macramé years ago, and returning now participating as exhibitors has been very special. Life takes turns, it's incredible!! Also, it was really cool to have the participation of the youtuber Maria Rosa a @coquetamacrame who taught our introductory masterclass. We also ventured to go to the Handmade Festival fair in Madrid, what an experience and what a MOVING! Van, long trip, boxes and boxes of stock. Oh and don't miss it, the Madrid fair was the same weekend as Black Weekend, which was the most epic BW in history. 🤯 I don't know how we managed everything and didn't die Well, yes, on a personal level, November didn't exist for us, it was 100% work without rest. It was a VERY hard month and the little I remember are a few osteopath sessions because with all the stress and work I was knocked out. KO. 

✨ Also in November, our trio of Mudéjar cushions was published in the book 50 DIY Projects from The Sewing Box Mag. We still have to show you and explain this project better because we haven't had time!

But apart from these great events, we work like little ants, day by day, without stopping. . 💪

We add many new products to the catalog, new materials, fibers, books, tools We produce our macrame totebags, completely handmade, one by one, with the screen printing technique and we were giving them away at the Handmade Festival. We translate the website into more languages ​​(French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch) apart from English, which we already did last year. In the summer I decided to make a lot of reels and several free tutorials. We show you a little piece of the magic of the rope manufacturing process. We did the super 5 refund promo, which you loved and there were many of you who took advantage of it. We continue with the quarterly draws e #UnboxingMacranova and we had 4 macrameras that won a free order. All this while we ship ALL YOUR ORDERS! 👏

Thank you for being there! We wish you a 2023 full of joy, peace and creativity!

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